Level 1
Must I help you with this?!?
Level 2
Change whatever you need to in the ADDRESS BAR to get to level 3.
Level 3
What's another name for this?
Level 4
Google is best for this test.
Level 5
Which of the basic colors (so not fushcia or scarlet) isn't there? Also check out the address bar. A clue is in there and you will enter your answer where it says color.
Level 6
Again, read the address bar but you won't change anything there.
Level 7
What aren't you seeing? There is something on your screen that you can't see at the moments.
Level 8
What's different with the text? Hmmm?
Level 9
B=2 J=10 Z=26.
Level 10
That's all folks! Remember use GOOGLE!!! It can and WILL help you throughout your journey. Have fun!